Future-proof accounts payable solution

With the Cevinio accounts payable solution you have a future-proof software that is continuously updated and improved. We love and live the Invoice-to-Pay process and continue to add features to make this process more efficient.

Accounts payable productivity and accuracy today and tomorrow

A major part of efficiency results from the entire Source-to-Pay process; and not all tools guarantee high productivity and accuracy. We provide data to improve this process, allowing you to further optimize it. Various smart, self-learning elements of our solution that are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, ensure that it is future-proof:
Multi-OCR AI robot always selects the right OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool for the right invoice (OCR tools from open-source to deep-learning-based)
Line-level matching based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) between PO-GRN-Invoice (low-code/no-code)
Line-level non-PO coding without templating (low-code/no-code)
Compliance self-service toolbox enables your team to update the tax and business rules (themselves) based on information of a third-party specialist
End-to-End functionality for the Invoice-to-Pay process, seamlessly integrated into your current and future IT landscape
Ability to handle any type of invoice from EDI, XML, PDF and scanned paper. This includes an Invoice Portal that allows for onboarding, without cost, and is also free for your suppliers to use
Scalable: as you pay per transaction, we grow with you without additional requirements or implementations, to support increases or decreases of invoice flow

Productivity improvements in accounts payable overtime

It is the result of our unique functionalities and capabilities in 1 tool

Invoice processed per FTE per year Manual OCRAI-based AI compliance& tax checks Toolsupported AI basedGR&PO matching End-to-EndOCR &Validation solution Best inClass tooling AINon-POcoding e-Invoicing– start AI applied in Invoice-to-Pay process Future proof solution

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