Cevinio E-Invoicing: Your Path to Compliance and Autonomous operations

Welcome to Cevinio, your leader in e-invoicing technology. Our solutions offer not only autonomous invoice processing (AP) and invoice delivery (AR) but also full compliance with global and local regulatory standards.

Leader in e-invoicing technology

From meeting e-invoicing requirements to ensuring tax compliance, our system simplifies complex processes through advanced automation. With years of experience in facilitating machine-to-machine connections between buyers and suppliers, we are ready to transform your invoice management into an efficient, compliant powerhouse.

Understanding e-invoicing

What is e-invoicing?
E-Invoicing, or electronic invoicing, is a method of billing that allows invoices to be created, sent, and received digitally in a structured data format. This format facilitates electronic and autonomous processing by AP Automation solutions such as Cevinio’s.
How does e-invoicing work?
E-invoicing simplifies and automates the billing and payment processes between businesses, impacting both Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) departments.
  • From the Accounts Receivable (AR) side:
    E-invoicing streamlines the billing process, beginning with the supplier's Accounts Receivable (AR) department generating an e-invoice in a structured data format, for that they can use Cevinio’s AR Invoice Delivery solutions. The invoice is then electronically and securely sent to the buyer, by using direct ERP integration or through an e-invoicing network.
  • From the Accounts Payable (AP) side:
    The structured data format of the e-invoice enables automatic data capture and interpretation, eliminating the need for manual entry. The Cevinio AP Automation solution then verifies the e-invoice against existing documents like purchase orders and delivery receipts. It also runs compliance checks and when all details are verified, approves payments autonomously. In case discrepancies are noted workflows are used for efficient handling. Once approved, e-invoices are archived digitally and posted in your ERP system.
Why use e-invoicing?
  • Legal Compliance:
    E-invoicing is increasingly mandated by governments worldwide as a measure to enhance tax control, combat tax fraud, and boost transaction transparency. Automation helps businesses stay compliant with the shifting legal standards efficiently, as it reduces the burden of manual verifications
  • Save Time and Money:
    E-invoicing drives significant savings by reducing the costs associated with managing invoices. It cuts down on expenses related to paper, printing, manual fulfillment, and postage, while also freeing up a significant amount of invoice processing time.
  • Audit Readiness:
    E-invoicing systems maintain detailed records of all transactions, complete with timestamps and digital trails. This organization makes audits more straightforward, as all data required by auditors is easily accessible and well-organized.

The power of Cevinio for e-invoicing handling

When processing your supplier's invoices with Cevinio's accounts payable automation software, you can cover the entire invoice management process. Discover the invoice automation benefits of 24/7 lights-off robotized Accounts Payable processing:

 standard icon accounts payable invoice automation


Achieve 100% touchless invoice handling. 

 structure icon accounts payable invoice automation


Full visibility into the process.

 configurable icon accounts payable invoice automation


Ensure global and local compliance with a multi-language solution.

compliance icon accounts payable invoice automation


Guarantee correct data on all your inbound and outbound invoices.

 accounts payable invoice automation


Allow AI to take over compliance checks and streamline exception handling. 

 payment icon accounts payable invoice automation

Single source of truth

One central location to ensure consistency and reliability.

 compliance icon accounts payable invoice automation


Process invoices in any format and integrate seamlessly with e-invoicing networks, governmental portals, and ERP systems. 

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Cloud platform for hosting all your invoices that is SOC1, SOC2 and ISO27001 certified, within the EU following GDPR regulations. Sending legal compliant invoices. 

Highlights of Cevinio’s E-Invoicing Capabilities:

E-invoicing regulations are becoming a mandate in many countries. Cevinio can be a lifesaver for businesses striving to comply. Here are some key features the Cevinio solutions deliver to ensure compliance with e-invoicing regulations and provide best-in-class invoice processing that connects buyers and suppliers globally. Discover more based on your interests:

I am a supplier sending invoices
I am a buyer receiving invoices
  • Streamlined Connectivity: Cevinio facilitates direct integration from your ERP and AR system to various e-invoicing platforms and governmental portals, as required by regulations. This integration ensures efficient invoice dispatch to all your clients in the necessary digital formats, using just one connection to manage multiple client interactions.
  • Advanced Mapping and Extensive API Catalogue: Central to Cevinio's capabilities is our innovative Smart Mapper technology, which automatically normalizes and adapts invoice data to suit any client-specific format. This technology not only simplifies the integration process but also accelerates the connection with new clients. Furthermore, the Cevinio comprehensive API catalogue offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with other systems and tools, enabling you to connect with any client globally.
  • Data enrichment: Even from limited input, we transform basic line information into a complete, legally compliant invoice. This enables you to enrich e-invoices with additional details like product or service details, tax codes, payment information etc. This enrichment ensures information completeness and compatibility with various systems, such as ERPs or AR systems. This capability is particularly valuable in handling incomplete or inconsistent data, significantly reducing processing errors and saving time.
  • Proactive validation and error handling: Cevinio's validation process for outgoing invoices checks e-invoice data for accuracy and completeness against purchase orders, receipts, and contracts before they are sent. This preemptive approach ensures that every invoice you send complies with regulatory standards. When we identify invoices with missing or incorrect information, these are flagged so you can address the issues in a timely manner.
  • Record keeping and document storage: Cevinio ensures a secure and comprehensive audit trail for all outgoing invoice transactions. Furthermore, Cevinio integrates seamlessly with local archival systems as well as AR and ERP systems, enhancing the archiving process. This ensures that all sent invoices and their corresponding signatures are efficiently stored for the legally mandated period, optimizing their retrievability for future audits or references.
  • Ease the transition with PDF generation: As businesses navigate the shift to digital, Cevinio offers a practical solution for invoice senders. By converting digital invoices into PDFs, we enable you to meet the needs of all your clients, regardless of their digital capabilities. This approach facilitates continued processing with traditional OCR tools.
  • Protected Invoice Transmission: Cevinio safeguards suppliers' e-invoices with encryption and controls, ensuring that financial documents are securely transmitted and accessed solely by designated recipients.
  • Speedy kick-off and client onboarding: Our quick-and-easy onboarding process ensures you can generate transactions within days, significantly boosting your billing efficiency and compliance. We support this by providing expert guidance to meet your customers' specific invoicing requirements, ensuring every invoice is delivered exactly as expected.

The power of Cevinio for e-invoicing handling

When processing your supplier's invoices with Cevinio's accounts payable automation software, you can cover the entire invoice management process. Discover the invoice automation benefits of 24/7 lights-off robotized Accounts Payable processing:

Ready to receive e-invoices?
Cevinio Autonomous AP Invoice Processing

At Cevinio, we help global enterprises turn their accounts payable challenges into opportunities by delivering a unique autonomous AP invoice processing solution. By applying our continued developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and RPA, Cevinio has proven to boost productivity and efficiency, increase cost savings, while enhancing your local and global compliance.

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Cevinio AR Invoice Delivery

Ensure timely payments, cut expenses, and enhance data precision. By leveraging Cevinio, you're adopting an automated Accounts Receivable invoice transformation and distribution system.

Cevinio, a PEPPOL Certified Service Provider

As a PEPPOL Certified Service Provider for over a decade, Cevinio offers unmatched expertise in e-invoicing solutions. Our longstanding certification underscores our deep commitment to compliance and excellence, enabling businesses like yours to seamlessly send and receive e-invoices across the PEPPOL network.

With Cevinio, you gain immediate access to a trusted platform that adheres to the highest standards and specifications set by PEPPOL. Join thousands of suppliers and buyers who trust us to enhance their invoicing processes, ensuring efficient and compliant transactions every step of the way.

Plug and Play with Ariba Integration

For businesses leveraging Ariba solutions, Cevinio offers a plug-and-play capability that integrates with your existing infrastructure, allowing both suppliers and buyers to transmit and receive invoices in the cXML format efficiently. This interoperability not only minimizes disruptions during implementation but also enhances the overall invoice management processes. Suppliers can enjoy streamlined submissions and quicker processing times, while buyers benefit from the smooth ingestion of invoices, ensuring compatibility and reducing administrative overhead. Together, these features make Cevinio an essential tool for proficient transaction flows in the Ariba ecosystem.

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At Cevinio, we are dedicated to transforming your accounts payable and receivable processes with our leading e-invoicing solutions. Whether you're aiming to enhance compliance, boost efficiency, or have questions about our services, our team is ready to connect and provide the assistance you need.