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Next level Invoice-to-Pay solution

We are Cevinio. We offer super smart Invoice-to-Pay software solutions to large corporates and a worry-free financial backbone that ensures productivity and compliance. Our product can best be described as a robot that thinks like a human, based on next generation algorithms. Futureproof. It’s a system that works and delivers on it’s promises.

Up and Running within 4-6 Months
ROI of 12 Months
Integrated with your ERP architecture
Money Back Guarantee


Case studies

We optimize the invoice-to-pay process for a Global Services Company, processing more than 1.1 million invoices per year and with a turnover of over Euro 25 billion.

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“Adding Cevinio Invoice to our Invoice to Pay process has increased productivity and the timely payment of invoices significantly. We saw the algorithms become smarter and we learned how to further improve Cevinio by giving the algorithms ‘love and care’.”

Global service provider

Our global implementation partners

The Cevinio Invoice-to-Pay solution is language agnostic and is implemented jointly with our partners for a professional global delivery

How we work

As former finance directors, we know that the everyday struggle with your Invoice-to-Pay system is giving you and your team headaches; we believe that it shouldn’t. You simply want a smart, easy to use, automatic, invoice-to-pay system that unburdens you. That’s why Cevinio offers a unique AI-driven service for automatic invoice processing, with the pledge to deliver as many truly touchless processed Accounts Payable invoices as possible. You have the control to trust the system and go touchless. We offer a system that guarantees productivity and compliance.

We also know that adding or replacing software in your process can be challenging. With our step-by-step, mostly agile implementation plan, there is no need to worry. We are committed to joined success in every step of the journey.

Analyse & Proof of Concept
Business Case & Implementation plan
Pilot & Global Roll-out
Money Back Guarantee

Be smart

What we stand for

At Cevinio, we improve businesses by being smarter. We are passionate about our client’s success and guide the necessary innovations (without having to change the entire IT landscape). We challenge routines and Cut the Crap. We offer super smart solutions, that amaze and ensure productivity and compliance.

More about Cevinio

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