With our multi-OCR AI and low-code no-code robot we are attracted to the challenge to continuously improve your accuracy and efficiency

We are Cevinio, we offer super smart Invoice-to-Pay solutions that ensure accuracy and productivity. Our product can best be described as a robot that thinks like a human, based on next generation algorithms. Futureproof. It’s a system that works and delivers on it’s promises. ​

Up and Running within 4 Months
Immediate impact and ROI < 12 months​
Fully integrated enhancement of your business architecture​
Many OCR Capture tools embedded and managed by our AI​



Large multinationals trust their Accounts Payable automation to Cevinio in more than 90 countries. The Cevinio solution operates in multi-ERP environments and delivers most value in large and complex organizations.

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“Adding Cevinio Invoice to our Invoice to Pay process has increased productivity and the timely payment of invoices significantly. We saw the algorithms become smarter and we learned how to further improve Cevinio by giving the algorithms ‘love and care’.”

Global service provider

Our global partners

The Cevinio intelligent multi-OCR solution combined with our low-code no-code robot ensures highest accuracy and productivity, implemented globally.​


We know that the finance community has been waiting for an AI driven super smart automated Invoice-to-Pay system. That is why we developed the Cevinio AI driven product for automatic invoice processing, with the commitment to deliver the highest possible accuracy and as many truly touchless Accounts payable invoices as possible. ​

We also know that it is difficult to choose the best Invoice-to-Pay solution for now, as well as in the future. That is why we are committed to deliver a future-proof product and we continuously improve the Cevinio product with both developing innovative features ourselves, as well as integrating and embedding best-in-the-market third-party solutions. Third party tools for example are various AI driven OCR capture tools that are managed by the Cevinio-AI that selects the best tools for an invoice.​

Analyse & Proof of Concept
Business Case & Implementation plan
Global Roll-out
Continuous technological improvements delivered

Be smart

What we stand for

At Cevinio, we get our energy from making businesses more successful by optimizing the Invoice-to-Pay process with super smart solutions.​

We are committed to Challenge your processes and propose suggestions to Improve your current way of working. ​

Improving accuracy has tough challenges to work through, but we are only satisfied when we together Exceed your goals as a Team and we can Amaze you with the results in the short and long run. ​

Challenge. Improve. Amaze​

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