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Benefits of using Invoice Delivery Software: 

Tired of the struggles and inefficiencies of manual invoice delivery? By Implementing Account Receivable Invoice Delivery software, you will benefit from a wide range of features that improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction while reducing operational hassles. It will allow your company to better manage its finances, compliance, and overall invoicing process, ultimately contributing to its long-term success. 

Decrease late payments

Late payments can be a significant headache for businesses, often stemming from the manual invoice creation, data entry processes and distribution of the invoices.

Traditionally, companies must manually create and send invoices, diverting precious time and resources away from critical tasks. Moreover, manual data entry introduces a host of errors, from incorrect amounts to omitted discounts and excluded policies, which can lead to disputes and payment delays, ultimately translating into financial losses.

With the use of smart technology, late payments will become a thing of the past. Cevinio’s accounts receivable invoice delivery software ensures that invoices are never missed or lost in the shuffle, helping businesses eliminate the hassles associated with late payments and paving the way for smoother financial operations.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount in today's competitive landscape. Late deliveries of invoices or delayed payments can strain relationships between a company and its customers.

These situations often require upper management intervention to resolve disputes and payment issues. However, by prioritizing accurate and timely invoicing, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction significantly. This customer-centric approach strengthens business relationships and fosters trust.

Get clean data on your AR invoices ensuring accuracy

Clean and accurate invoice data is crucial to maintain smooth financial operations.

Invoices lacking essential information or containing errors can be a recipe for payment delays and disputes.

Additionally, adhering to intricate tax regulations and compliance requirements can be a challenge. Manual processes only amplify the risk of errors or non-compliance, potentially resulting in financial setbacks and legal issues. By embracing automation, you will not only streamline your invoicing process but also uphold the highest standards of data quality and compliance, safeguarding your financial interests and peace of mind.

Get rid of disorganized manual processes

Inject tools for efficiency into your AR invoice delivery process and scale with confidence.

The invoice delivery process, from invoice creation to tracking of paid or outstanding invoices, can become a chaotic exercise, leading to cash flow challenges and customer dissatisfaction. To help you with that, Cevinio offers a seamless conversion to any required format, making your internal AR process platform-agnostic. It includes automatic invoice distribution, saving time and reducing manual work.

As your business expands, our AR software scales with you, effortlessly accommodating a growing customer base and higher invoice volumes without the need for significant additional resources. Streamline your processes, minimize errors, and scale with confidence with our AR software.

To recap, by using Cevinio’s Invoice Delivery Software, you can address key challenges such as late payments, manual data entry, delayed delivery, compliance issues, or inconsistent branding. In turn, you will experience improved efficiency and financial management, and better customer relations. 

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with Cevinio's AR solution 

Tired of the struggles and inefficiencies of manual invoice delivery? By Implementing Account Receivable Invoice Delivery software, you will benefit from a wide range of features that improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction while reducing operational hassles. It will allow your company to better manage its finances, compliance, and overall invoicing process, ultimately contributing to its long-term success. 

Discover the features of Cevinio AR Invoice Delivery 

Cevinio Invoice Delivery is a solution for automating invoice creation and delivery, bringing productivity to the accounts receivable process. Additionally, by implementing this smart solution, you can expect to have clear data on your AR invoices as well as benefit from an automated process.

Our AR Automation software has been designed to make your invoicing process easy, accurate, and efficient. To achieve such outcomes, we have equipped our software with the following out-of-the-box features:

Compliance validation

Cevinio places a strong emphasis on compliance validation to ensure that your invoices meet country-specific legal requirements. Our robust system meticulously checks incoming invoices against your company information stored within our platform, confirming critical details like the company name, VAT numbers, and more.

If any discrepancies are found in standard fields, the invoice validation process fails. This stringent validation process guarantees the accuracy of your sent invoice data and ensures that you distribute error-free invoices to your customers.

office printing file accounts payable invoice automation

Auto-conversion to any required format from any format

Make your invoice delivery process platform agnostic and start working hassle-free with different invoicing platforms and debtors. The Cevinio AR process also includes the automatic distribution of invoices to these platforms and debtors. 

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Branded invoice and document PDF layout  

In case the source system delivers EDI files only, Cevinio generates the invoice PDF based on this incoming EDI data. Cevinio offers the ability to adjust the default PDF to your liking, with for example your company Logo and other client-specific details. 

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Support sharing of attachments

The Cevinio invoice delivery model supports the transmission of invoices and attachments, enabling smooth delivery to your end customers.

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Debtor validation details 

Streamline your invoice distribution effortlessly. Invoices are automatically routed to their respective customers, eliminating manual tasks. In exceptional cases, our accounts receivable software promptly notifies the company administrator via email. Plus, we enrich outgoing invoices by incorporating relevant company information from our comprehensive database. 

handle invoices accounts payable invoice automation

AR portal

In the Cevinio AR portal, you can efficiently monitor and manage the entire invoice delivery process. Utilize filters to sort by invoice status, date, and category, gaining valuable insights into your invoice operations. Additionally, the portal offers downloadable reports, providing the user a summary of all invoices and their status. This enables the users to act on specific invoices if needed.

Besides, this centralized platform empowers customers to track the progress of their invoices.

invoice classification person warehouse accounts payable invoice automation

Connectivity with governmental portals

Further simplify the invoice delivery process by seamlessly sending invoices directly to any governmental portal, simplifying interactions with public agencies. 

person signining document accounts payable invoice automation

QR codes and payment slips

We also provide the service of generating QR codes and/or payment slips in accordance with country-specific requirements, which can be integrated into your invoices.

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OCR Recognition, reading invoices like a human. 

  • No templating: we have developed an algorithm that matches the OCR (data on the invoice) with the information found in the Master Data
  • Sorting and splitting of scanned invoices without barcodes or separating pages
  • Compares unstructured data on the invoice (no templating required) and the structured data from your VMD (Vendor Master Data) to identify the vendor.
  • Using machine learning to recognize data fields like invoice number and invoice date
  • Auto-correct for errors of scanners (0 vs O, 1 vs I, B vs 8, etc.)
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Ability to handle any kind of invoice  

  • EDI
  • E-invoicing: XMl, UBL (any version)
  • PDF (image & text)
  • Scanned paper invoices
  • PO & non-PO invoices and credit notes

PO/non-PO invoice classification

  • AI based
  • Automatically connect multiple purchase orders to a single invoice using OCR data.

Automated non-PO invoice coding on header level and GL accounting lines 

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) based
  • Audit trail of posted invoices
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Compliance toolbox for tax, legal and corporate compliance

  • Algorithms take-over current compliance checks
  • Easy detection of discrepancies and exceptions on invoices: they will be presented for exception handling automatically to a specialist
  • Toolbox that can anticipate future changes
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Invoice approval workflow tool that is rapidly scalable

  • Easy to maintain without IT involvement
  • Features like delegation, ask for advice and escalation
  • Operational with any type of mobile device
  • Supports both approval and informative flows
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Vendor invoice portal as well as connectivity with other portals

  • Onboarding of your suppliers free of cost
  • Your suppliers can use the portal for free
  • Unlocks access to e-invoicing portals worldwide
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Analytic tools available with Cevinio Suite

  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Audit trail
  • Volume
  • Workload and aging
  • Workflow
  • Invoice splitting stage
  • Supplier performance
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What is invoice delivery?
The concept of Accounts Receivable (AR) Invoice Delivery involves sending invoices for goods or services provided that have not yet been paid for by customers. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining healthy cash flow within businesses. Traditionally, this process has required substantial manual effort which often led to complications like delays due to human error or lost paperwork. The need for improved efficiency and accuracy gave birth to AR Automation - a game-changing solution set on redefining these conventional methods.
What formats does Cevinio Support?
All of them! At Cevinio we provide out-of-the-box support for all major UBL invoice formats (Peppol, Tungsten, Coupa, Basware, SAP Ariba, and more). Any custom formats can be tackled easily as well, using our smart mapper technology: our flexible, low-code formatting tool. In addition, our AR solution can also auto-generate PDFs including header and line information.
How long does Cevinio take to process an invoice?
Outgoing invoices undergo touchless processing and invoices have near real time processing once invoices are picked up by Cevinio for processing.
Can Cevinio connect to all standard UBL platforms?
Cevinio has native connectivity with all standard UBL platforms including Peppol, Tungsten, Coupa, SAP Ariba and a few more. Cevinio supports integration with other platforms/endpoints using our smart mapper and custom export functionality.

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