Unlocking Your Business Goals with Cevinio Implementation

The Cevinio Implementation Playbook

Once the decision to implement Cevinio is made, we are here to ensure the implementation process runs smoothly and enables you to achieve your business goals.

Our Cevinio Implementation Playbook has guided numerous international customers towards a successful project delivery. Our experience and expertise shaped this playbook to become an efficient, strong guide for any company implementing Cevinio’s solution.

How to Start

We educate the customer (from the beginning) to ensure engagement and maximize blueprint and design results​.

Follow Best Practice: Building up-front in-depth knowledge 

  • Helps to balance and foster creativity and quality of the project team
  • Ensures a smooth project execution with minimal deviations
  • Creates the basis for a successful project on time and in budget

How to Continue

Focus on core flows first to pick up speed after. By running a pilot, we prove the functioning of your global base design setting the right stage for successful continuation.

Follow Best Practice: Focusing on the core

  • Ensures a high-quality foundation which is solid and stable
  • Avoids implementing excessive factors (from the start) which distracts focus
  • Boosts quality and speed, keeping track of the main goal

How to Roll out

Once the core is set, it's time to roll out. By configuring localization details and functional optimizations we move in waves across the globe.

Follow Best Practice: Rigorous planning while fostering local engagement

  • Enables an organized and structured roll-out in waves by clustering regions
  • Impacts the change journey by facilitating the distribution of regular and transparent communications within your organization
  • Drives the involvement of local stakeholders in requirement gathering sessions