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We are Cevinio

We challenge routines

and improve business

By being smarter

We cut the crap

with amazing results

At Cevinio, we improve businesses by being smarter. We are passionate about making companies more successful and we help you implement the necessary innovations to do so. We challenge routines and Cut the Crap. We offer super smart solutions, that amaze and ensure productivity and compliance

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Our story

We are Cevinio

We challenge routines to improve systems and amaze with fast results. We resent inefficient, wasteful and unreliable invoice processing systems. We believe there is a smarter way. How? By challenging the existing routines, cutting out the crap and taking it to the next level.

We challenge your routines

We all know that an efficient invoice-to-pay process is crucial for management information of your organization and timely payment of vendors. The digital transformation has a significant impact on the invoice to-pay-process. But smart invoice-to-pay systems that deliver on their promises are difficult to find. We know, because we’ve been there. Once you have chosen your system, it is hard to switch. Don’t get stuck. We are here to help and challenge these routines.

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As former finance directors and accountants, we know the struggle of finding a smart invoice-to-pay system. We know how difficult it is to prove upfront that a system really works, while you also feel the pressure of making your department and process more efficient.

So we are here to help. We collected the latest data, insights and knowledge to create an invoice processing system that does what it needs to do. A system that increases productivity, reduces compliance risks and is (relatively) easy to implement in an organization. How? By adapting the opportunities Artificial Intelligence, hands-free technology and cloud solutions are giving us. And take it to the next level.

we walked the same road

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One of a kind

The algorithms are one of a kind. They can read as a human would do, while they can actually not read. It is about pattern recognition, human-like data interpretations, relations between data elements and more. From automatic coding of non-po invoices, to automated PO/GRN (Goods Receipt Note) line level matching. Unique is the PO/GRN line level matching with scanned invoices, without the use of templates. So, our solution does line level matching, while it does not know what an invoice line is (on a scanned document). The reading as a human would do is applied as well for the various invoice compliance checks that you require. For example: if the bank account on the invoice is not in line with the Vendor Master Data, the system will show a notification to operator, to ask for a manual check. Focus of the operators on the exceptions as identified by the algorithms.

Prepare to be amazed

Our system can change the way you experience invoice processing in your company. You will see positive productivity results directly and, due to our integrated end-to-end product, you do not need 2 applications in the process, but just one. Let your invoice-to-pay future start today.

Our core values

Be loved

Because we truly care for each other

Exceeding Expectations

Ensure we try harder

Smart Innovation

Creativity to do better in every aspect of what we do

Team Up

Teams can stand the heat, individuals cannot

Cases and Clients

We’re proud of our cases and clients

At Cevinio we love to work for global organizations with complex invoicing processes. Want to find out how our smart solutions helped other businesses becoming more productive? Check out our cases right here…

Cases & Clients

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Smart solutions that increases productivity x 5

Via our smart solutions we reduce manual operations, make invoice processing faster and decrease the invoice-to-pay process costs, while improving invoice compliance. Check our solution and way of working right here…

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