About Cevinio

Our mission, vision and core values

If you change the order of the letters of the word INVOICE you will discover the name of our brand, CEVINIO. We are more than an AP automation software, we are your partner, and for that reason we are committed to help you achieve your goals in accounts payable and more by applying our 3rd generation of algorithms. Your goals, are our goals.

Capture, process and validate invoices with Cevinio accounts payable automation software

We believe in personal contact, the reason why we always begin by understanding the particular needs and goals of our clients. We prefer to listen 80% and talk 20%. Our team truly cares and focuses on delivering the best possible solution and experience to each and every client. From supporting every step of the implementation process, to helping vendors and agents finalize and deliver the best results. Less email communication, faster invoice cycle… you name it.

At Cevinio we strive to deliver the best accounts payable automation software in the market

We desire to release teams from monotonous and inefficient tasks and help them be the professionals they strive to be. In order to do that, we partner with robots! Our team has more than 15 years of experience developing artificial intelligent robots that support finance. With our AP automation software , we have found the perfect human-robot combination. One that removes the repetitive tasks from your team, and allows them to be more efficient, accurate, and productive in processing invoices. Thanks to the features of our invoice automation solution, we are able to develop the workflows and provide the smart tools that your company needs: multi-OCR (Optical Character Recognition), low-code/no-code accounting robot, compliance toolbox, and more. At Cevinio we build bridges with your existing tools to make your daily work expedient, successful and frictionless. You tell us where you want to succeed, and we will succeed together. We will exceed your expectations.

Mission: we improve business by being smarter.

Today, our 3rd generation of artificial intelligence is evolving. We have never stopped innovating and developing tomorrow’s AP automation software. This is how at Cevinio we deliver on our mission. We focus on delivering the best smart invoice automation tool to our clients.

Vision: We believe in the alliance of humans-robots sharing daily tasks

We believe the implementation of AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities into your processes will result in more motivated, productive and efficient teams. We strive to equip finance teams for tomorrow’s working environments and challenges.
OUR BEST VALUES ARE WHO WE ARE Be loved At Cevinio we believe in active communication, honesty, accountability and equality. We don’t over promise but deliver what we commit to do. We respect and encourage our team and community to be themselves and inspire. 100% integrity toward customers and colleagues. B Exceeding Expectations We do our best every day, and we find the motivation into the surprise of our customers when we exceed their expectations and deliver beyond the smart tools they need. In order to make sure we address requests and pain-points, we follow the rule: listen 80% and talk 20%, and when we talk, we like to go straight to the point and ask for feedback. Feedback is a gift to us. E Smart Innovation Inspire others, deliver better solutions, innovate for our clients, continuously improve results. We start by always challenging ourselves, how can we be more efficient? How can we do this process in order to make it smarter? We are maverick! And we are obsessed with results, we like to analyze the process to find better solutions that better support the goals of our clients. We work inside out, every day we improve our internal efficiency to better help our customers and partners. S Team Up We team up with robots, we share knowledge, we create synergies, and then celebrate our successes together. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go together. This is what we promote internally, and how we like to work with our clients and partners. Our team turn one, where we share needs and challenges and support one another. T

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