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Whitepaper #1: How Artificial Intelligence can boost your Accounts Payable process

In this whitepaper we show trends in Artificial Intelligence and how Cevinio makes use of it for our Humanized Intelligent OCR and other elements to move towards the promise of tomorrow: e-invoicing. In this journey we have the tools to ensure compliance to legal and tax legislation.

Whitepaper #2: Supplier Onboarding: Is there an easy way out?

In practice, many P2P platforms suffer from difficulties in the supplier onboarding process. Promised percentages are frequently not met and suppliers show resistance to onboard for various reasons. In this whitepaper we show how an effective onboarding strategy could be like and how the process can become easier, though never easy!

Whitepaper #3: How to get “bang for your AP-buck” through Cevinio?

Isn’t it strange: most people consider the Invoice-to-Pay process to be a very simple one. At the same time there are so many people involved in the process, so many mistakes that happen and multiple inconsistencies and late-payments occur.

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