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The introduction

At Cevinio, we improve businesses by being smarter. We are passionate about making companies more successful and help them implement the necessary innovations to do so. With offices in Rotterdam and Barcelona we have a hardworking multi-cultural team that work hard and play hard. Cevinio works according to the Rockefeller management principles. As a growing -venture backed- technology company providing leading Invoice-to-Pay solutions to companies globally, we are looking for a Visionary Product Owner.
We are coming at a point in product development where complexity and simplicity need to be more connected than ever. Our large experience and many features need to stay intuitive. To make this possible, we believe in the creativity and decisiveness of our people and teams. For this role we are looking for a combination of the right energy, determination, curiosity, stability and inspiringness.

The challenges that await you

Vision – Developing and sharing our product vision through convincing storytelling. Communication – Communicating our strategy so all your team members are empowered to connect all dots of the user journey. Action – Translating the product roadmap into actionable user stories and tasks. The way you communicate is clear and motivational to the development teams you work with. Implementing, testing and validating transforms into one fluent process.
Expertise – Being in contact with our clients about their requests means you are able to combine being the product expert with a sales touch. Decision – Combining an intuitive user experience with data driven decisions. Using all the existing data and new experimentation and testing. Skills for complexity – Smart project management skills to handle the complexity of large business processes. Including: process evaluation, deciding on competing resources and priorities, requirements analysis, developing project plans and monitoring performance.

Hit the ground running

To get up to speed quickly and deploy your strategic forces, it’s helpful if you have:
  • Background in developing and managing SW products.
  • Experience in working with agile software development teams
  • Knowledge of the Agile Methodologies like SCRUM and Kanban
  • Relevant experience in all phases of a Product Life Cycle
  • Analytical skills – using smart tools and insights in core business drivers to interpret data wisely
  • Excellent teamwork skills: ability to explain actions taken and outcomes achieved
  • Focus on teamwork and managing relationships across multiple departments and partners
  • The aspiration to grow from product owner to product manager

OUR CORE VALUES Be loved Because we truly care for each other B Exceeding Expectations Ensure we try harder E Smart Innovation Creativity to do better in every aspect of what we do S Team Up Teams can stand the heat,individuals cannot T

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