The Art of Self-Leadership: How to Develop it in yourself and others

– By Lars Sudmann
01 Jul 2021 – 04.00 PM CET Limited to 200 seats

About the webinar

VISA-founder Dee Hock inspired many of his employees with his honored quote: “If you seek to lead, invest at least 40% of your time in leading yourself.” However, how does one practically implement this into the day-to-day activities of a hectic and agile environment? And what does this mean for your work style in the “new normal”? Drawing on years of experience as an executive, business leader, start-up manager, and lecturer at leading universities, Lars Sudmann will highlight what it takes to lead oneself to high performance.

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This 1 hour webinar will bring you:​
  • An energy boost for you and your career​
  • Practical tips to become a trustworthy leader​
  • Inspiration to demonstrate and implement innovation
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The people at Cevinio are very thankful for the trust we got from our customers during these exciting times. Most of the working community has been operating from home. Careers have often slowed down while the world around us is changing faster and faster.
We think you deserve a Boost! A Moment of Inspiration to grow as a person and as a leader. With this highly-rated webinar for Top CFO’s and Fortune 500 IT executives, we believe you will boost your career. We are looking forward to bring you leadership inspiration with Lars!

What other say

“Lars conducted the single best session at the international convention” – J. Donovan, Vice President, Gartner Group
“Lars Sudmann delivered a great virtual keynote speech. The theme was “Leading in Times of Uncertainty”…highly valuable.” – D. Boca, General Manager, Microsoft
“Thank you for this brilliant and inspiring presentation on self-leadership” – P. Jacquy, Head of Office, DSEC

About the speaker

Lars Sudmann is a speaker with a background in business leadership and transformation. As former CFO of Procter & Gamble Belgium and now international keynote speaker, Lars has in-depth experience in engaging leadership in agile environments. He is featured on BBC Capital,
Fast Company, Inc., the Chicago Tribune, the Economist Career network, and many more. He is a lecturer at a variety of universities in Europe. Lars’ TEDx talks on self-leadership and innovation are top-ranked with 1.000.000+ views.

This Moment of Inspiration is facilitated by Cevinio.

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