The 5 steps journey of cevinio invoice processing software

The Cevinio Invoice-to-Pay SaaS solution consists of a processing software that has the capability to handle your accounts payable invoice process from beginning-to-end; from invoice reception to posting on your current ERP system(s). During this process, we activate various smart robots that will bring the automation component to your accounts payable process.

Your journey towards invoice automation starts here, and this is how it looks…

Invoice Processing Software easy to use and smart

Our invoice processing software provides a 5-step solution in which our technology and smart robots will be applied. Let’s discover step by step how it works, we will show you the benefits and improvements we move forward in the process:

Step 1: streamlining the invoice importing process and data extractions

Receive invoice through portal, e-mail or post. This step is automated and does not require any operator’s action.
  • EDI
  • E-invoicing: over 600 types of UBL/XML formats have been pre-configured
  • Scanned paper invoices, through e-mail or sFTP
  • Pdf-invoices: both image and text pdf invoices can be processed
  • Tif and jpeg

Step 2: automated invoice splitting (for scanned batches of invoices and multiple invoices per pdf)

Splitting and sorting engine. We can split large documents into separate invoices.
  • No bar codes, stickers and/or separating of pages is required
  • If required, e-mails, attachments and invoices can be stored in 1 document
  • All individual invoices receive a Unique Identification Number
Extraction of data from pdf/paper invoices
  • Language & character-set independent (Chinese, Arabic and Cyrillic scripts)
  • E-mailed and paper invoices are handled by multiple OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions to extract data
  • PREMIUM SERVICE: If multi-line booking is required for non-PO invoices, we use Deep Learning based tools. For exceptional cases, we have technologies up-and-running that are based on templating.

Step 3: automated PO/non-PO matching

Identification of the type of document:
  • Identify PO invoices, non-PO invoices and Credit Notes
  • Ability to match several PO’s to one invoice

Step 4: invoice validation: accounting and compliance analysis

Validation if all information on the invoice is correctly captured in the system
  • Essential manual checks right after go-live (operations)
  • Immediate and valuable time-saving of the invoice-validation (less clicks required)
  • Once confidence has been built, per vendor manual checks can be skipped, and the validation becomes highly automated

Step 5: Invoice approval (typically only for non-PO invoices) & Invoice exporting

Advanced invoice approval workflow:
  • Unlimited multi-level approval options available
  • Supports matrix-based approval workflows
  • Low maintenance since the organization is managed separately from the invoice approval workflow process
  • Accessible from all mobile devices
posting of the invoice:
  • Provides an audit trail
  • Towards any type of ERP
  • On-line (API) or in batch (sFTP)s

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