Make your invoice-to-pay
process truly touchless

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One of a kind super-smart robot, that thinks like a person

We deliver the future of invoice processing for large corporations with a smart, forward-thinking software solution. We make it easy for companies globally to process millions of invoices more efficiently and cost-effectively, while increasing productivity and decreasing compliance risk. And it’s self-learning: our super smart software remembers previous mistakes and learns from them. It’s a next level Algorithm you have never seen before leading to a potentially ‘touchless’ system that requires minimal manual intervention and compliance checks. Super-smart software, that thinks like a person.

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Implementation Plan

We know that adding or replacing software to your invoicing process can be challenging. With our step-by-step implementation plan, there is no need for concern. We are committed to a joined success in every step of the journey.

1. Analyze & proof of concept

The first step in our process is to analyze your current process. During a workshop, we discuss and analyze your current invoice-to-pay processes and understand what the pain points are. Next, we setup and demonstrate your invoice-scenarios and showcase the improvements we can recognize. And if you would like to see more evidence, we can set up a proof of concept with your own data, aligning with your current software to compare results without taking any risks.

2. Business case & implementation plan

As current finance directors we understand the hassle and struggle to implement new software. You want to optimize your invoice-to-pay process to increase productivity, improve compliance and work joy for your team. The risks involved with changing your current invoice-to-pay system is high. What if it goes wrong? What if the system does not deliver what it’s promising? Therefore, we first create a business plan with implementation steps. We calculate the savings based on your actual situation and we set up an agile implementation plan. We are committed to a joined success in every step of the journey.

3. Pilot & global roll-out

We understand that deciding to change your invoice-to-pay system is a big decision. Actions speak louder than words. And therefore, we optionally first run a pilot project in 6 weeks. Your team members can experience the solution themselves and compare results immediately, before making a decision or taking any risk. The pilot is done with your own actual data which makes it completely transparent and easy to compare with your current process and other solutions.

How Artificial Intelligence can boost your Accounts Payable process

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Our promises

Up and running within 4-6 months

We will have our software up and running within 4-6 months instead of the common 12-24 months. And you will see positive results immediately.

ROI of 12-18 months

We reduce costs and increase efficiency, by integrating several applications into one cloud system that communicates with your existing ERP systems. This reduces manual operations, makes invoice processing faster, and reduces the invoice-to-pay process costs. Your operators review the exceptions as identified by our solution instead of doing the data-entry work they do today. The result? Reducing costs with a factor of 2 to 5. Within 12-18 months after integrating our software in your organization, you will have earned back your investment.

Compatible with you current IT landscape

Our systems are (relatively) easy to implement and integrate with your existing ERP systems in your company. Our goal is to adapt our system to your system, so your teams can focus on the communication channel of the systems on your end, Our solution is designed to adapt to your system. We do not touch your ERP system directly although we have extensive experience in creating connections for the various data flows.

Money back guarantee

We’ve proven a cost reduction multiple of 2 – 3 within the first 3 years, otherwise you receive a discount of 50% on transaction fees. Why? Because we truly believe in our solution. We have created our own algorithms and solutions to make businesses better by being smarter. This means that our team is dedicated to creating solutions with you in every step of the journey. We take failures personally and do not stop until a proper solution is reached; continuously making our solution smarter. Our consultants will guide you through the process as we are committed to a joined success in every step of the journey. We don’t stop until our solutions deliver what we have promised.

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