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E-invoicing has been available for several years and since more and more governments are using it to assure VAT revenue, the adaptation rates are rapidly increasing. Moreover, for both supplier and customer, e-invoices bring benefits such as clarity on the content of the invoice (no optical character recognition interpretation is required). Discover more about our invoice vendor portal right here.

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Send, track and view invoice communication in one place

For suppliers that have been invited by Cevinio clients, the onboarding and use of the Cevinio Invoice Portal is free of cost. The process looks as follows:
  • In most cases automated onboarding is supported (and free of cost)
  • If the supplier cannot adhere to the Cevinio standard, bespoke onboarding will be required, this will have a cost-impact for the supplier. Fortunately, in >90% of cases, suppliers can on-board for free
  • After the simple and easy initial steps, your vendors will be able to update their own information on the portal, saving time for your agents performing this manual effort
  • Once in operation: the use of the portal to send invoices from the supplier to the Cevinio client is without cost.

E-invoicing is key toward touchless processing

Even though e-invoices have been perceived as the ultimate solution to highly automated invoice processing, there are still some challenges if the invoice does not contain all the information in the correct way. Several of these challenges are:

The PO with 1 line does not match with the invoice that contains 3 subcategories. In ERP this e-invoice would bounce. In Cevinio we can add the 3 lines to 1 as long as the total amount is the same.
An invoice with 5 lines does not contain the line numbers as recorded in ERP but the article numbers. In Cevinio we take the line numbers from the PO and add them to the e-invoice as long as the amount per line is the same.
If the PO number is no longer valid. This invoice would bounce directly. In Cevinio we would use the description of the invoice and “change it into a non-PO invoice”.
The PO has no tax (such as VAT and WHT) information. On the invoice tax is present but no coding has been given. This would lead to re-work. In Cevinio we can add the tax codes automatically in the booking preventing the re-work.
The unit of measure differs in the PO from the invoice. In Cevinio we have algorithms that verify the different measures used by a supplier and automatically change the unit of measure in the booking

As a result

e-Invoicing using the Cevinio invoice-portal will result in a highly efficient process. Moreover, since the onboarding and use of our portal is free for your suppliers, the attractiveness for them to use it is high. Benefits for you and for them are: less phone/e-mail communication since information about the status of payments will be available on-line and errors can be completely avoided using our PO-flipping functionality.

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