The compliance toolbox

The Cevinio Compliance Toolbox, is based on the same technology as the low-code/no-code Accounting Robot. The types of compliance our robot can be used for are: Tax, Legal and Corporate

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Tax Compliance

Currently the Cevinio Compliance Toolbox is processing invoices from over 90 countries. However, the responsibility of the accuracy of the rules remains with you. Keeping the Toolbox up-to-date can be obtained by using an external party (like the Big-4) or other companies specialized in specific rulings for a country. Based on their information, your team can maintain the compliance rules for any jurisdiction. During step 1 (explained at the non-PO coding way of working) compliance rules will be created by the robot, for the robot, based on historic accounting. In short: you can ask your compliance specialist if the bookings have been created correctly.

Another frequently encountered problem is erroneous VAT-codes in Purchase Orders. Since buyers typically are not tax-experts, the VAT-code on the PO is not always correct. These errors will be detected by the Compliance Robot. If the robot is not “sure enough” about the correct tax-coding, these cases will be queued to a Tax specialist.

As a result

The Compliance Toolbox of Cevinio will increase your compliance and can be easily programmed to detect expected irregularities (and send them to an exception queue). Once you get the correct compliance information from a third-party supplier, your AP agents will be able to use this and “program the robot” without any further technical knowledge. It is clear that the governance regarding this change-process needs to be defined clearly.

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