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Our Mission


Since our company was founded, we have relied entirely on the creativity of our people. This became an important driver for our exponential growth.

“What if thousands of people could contribute to core business value instead of spending their time on overhead tasks?”

Cevinio is a 7-year young Venture Capital-backed company and amongst the top 150 scale-up companies ever funded in The Netherlands. We won various international innovation awards that we are very proud of. Some examples are the Deloitte Fast 50 Most Disruptive Innovator Award 2014 in The Netherlands and the Fintech50 nomination in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

It’s our mission to let people contribute to their purpose ​
Large corporates employ thousands of people to manage their invoices. What if these people could contribute to the core business value instead of spending their time on overhead tasks? We believe humans are made to be creative, contribute to their purpose and become their best selves. ​
We aim to return fairness and provide equal chances by delivering a disruptive invoice-to-pay solution. Based on self-developed algorithms (that we call Artificial Intelligence these days) and machine learning, we radically improve accuracy, efficiency and compliance. ​

Double Success
We get excited when we are successful in making other businesses successful. We improve lower their costs, improve compliance, and give better insights into their business processes. That’s why we exist! ​
We are not a rule-based run company but believe that sharing the same Core Values makes us successful and a great place to work. ​

Core Values: You can’t learn them, but you can live them.
Your Core Values are unique to….you. You cannot learn Core Values. At Cevinio, we believe in bringing people together that share Core Values. Our core values consist of BEST: Be loved, Exceed expectations, Smart innovation, and Team up. Sharing our core values makes us a great place to work. ​
Do you share our BEST Core Values, have the passion for making in-efficient processes efficient, and make them available globally? Cevinio may be the perfect place for you to work. ​

Jeroen Volk
Co-founder of Cevinio and grateful CEO of an exceptional team.

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We believe in you and your creativity. Therefore, we like to challenge you and leave this whole role-play up to you.
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Junior Implementation Consultant

As a successful Implementation Consultant, you are responsible for helping our global customers with the design and setup of the Cevinio platform
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Technical Writer

As a growing, venture backed technology company providing leading I2P solutions to companies globally, we are seeking a Technical Writer.
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Business Development Specialist


Customer Success Consultant


Customer Success Manager


Implementation Consultant (Junior)


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Project manager






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