The low-code/no-code accounting robot

The starting point for our proprietary low-code/no-code Accounting Robot is any digitized invoice. Such as: EDI, XML, UBL, TIFF and PDF or the output from our multi-OCR (Optical Character Recognition) robot. Now the real work can start!

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Our low-code/no-code Accounting Robot is a rule-based engine that creates rules for itself, by itself

These rules serve to perform the following activities:
  • PO line and GRN line matching
  • Non-PO invoice line coding
  • Fraud protection and duplicate checks
The robot is set up as a multi-dimensional accounting-and compliance framework (see below), where groups of rules are assigned to (groups of) company codes. Based on our technology, the same rule will never have to be generated twice; the same rulesets can be assigned to different legal entities.

PO line and GRN line matching

BACK END FRONT-END Your ERP or Cevinio Open PO’s Recent POpostings AI engine identifies open PO-lines AccountingRobot AI-based set of rules for PO/GRN-lines System UI No Requirement for manual effort Incoming PO invoice Posting Invoice approval workflow for p and/or Q differences GRN from ERP PO line and GRN line matching for any invoice

The basis of the rules on how to code a PO-invoice come from the PO: the robot generates the required rules automatically and can perform line-level matching of the Invoice + Purchase Order + Goods Received Note. This is a fully automated process; the rules are updated once changes from the ERP have been received.

As a result

The Cevinio low-code/no-code Accounting Robot performs the activities that people normally do, in a controlled way, delivering an audit trail of every posting. This leads to an increase of higher levels of automation of the coding process, and results in higher productivity of the accounts payable team.

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