The advanced Invoice Approval Workflow functionality

The invoice approval workflow module of Cevinio is business focused and supports companies to manage the invoice approval process and the maintenance of the same without support from IT. Once the module has been implemented, only business rules (that can be changed by the Administrators) are the basis of an efficient invoice approval process.

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We provide for advanced approval workflow functionality, such as:

  1. Ability to handle complex business rules. Including various escalation methods to: ‘keep the workflow going’
  2. Create an unlimited number of entities/ groups of users
  3. Users can approve, decline, delegate or ask advice within the organization. Manage the ‘organization/people’ Separate from the workflow-processes
  4. Unlimited multilevel approvals available with reminders and timeframe-based escalations
  5. Ability to match with purchase order lines and goods receipt on line-item level
  6. Available on all mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows). Secure login for real-time information from the cloud
  7. A complete set of parameters that can be used to create fixed differentiation between approval flows, such as:
    • Projects
    • Cost Centers
    • GL Accounts
    • Suppliers
    • Purchase heads- and subcategory
    • Location
    • Services, works or products
    • Invoice types
    • Dimension

As a result

The use of our advanced approval workflow will ensure an efficient invoice approval process, based on clearly defined matrices. Linking it to up-to-date organizational information will result in automatic workflow adjustments in case of changes in the people that need to approve. Inherent process features will make sure that no invoices will get “stuck in the process”: ensuring on-time approval and hence payment of the invoices.

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