How to increase productivity of accounts payable with Cevinio

Once Cevinio is in production, productivity, speed and compliance are our mutual key areas of interest. Goal: boost accounts payable performance

Productivity, speed and compliance depend on multiple factors

Not only technology, but also the process and the organization delivering it play an important role. Cevinio delivers the data-points to both improve the invoice-handling process, and the organization delivering it. We aim to deliver facts as a basis to improve the mentioned elements.

Self-learning elements

From the dozens of implementations that we have done over the last couple of years, we have learned that the following 10 elements are the most important to keep in mind:
  1. Efficient process: Source-to-Pay
  2. Change management/governance/communication
  3. Moving from paper, to pdf, to e-invoicing
  4. Agent motivation
  5. Love and Care for Accounting and Compliance robot
  6. Pdf/paper invoice quality
  7. Accuracy of the Cevinio Intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  8. PO/non-PO ratio
  9. Low-code/no-code setup of the accounting robot
Efficient process:Source-to-Pay Change management/Governance / communication Love and car forAccounting andCompliance robot Setup of the accounting and compliance robot PDF/paper invoice quality Mix paper/pfd/e-invoice Local specific taxAnd complianceRegulations PO/NPO ratio Accuracy of the Cevinio Intelligent OCR recognition AgentMotivation

Some of these elements are more important than others

Therefore we have categorized them in the graphic. With the Cevinio solution you have a future-proof solution that is continuously updated and improved. We love and live the Invoice-to-Pay process and continue to add features to make the process more efficient. The Cevinio team and solution, as well as our partners, will provide you with optimization suggestions that go beyond the Invoice-to-Pay process; it delivers valuable information regarding the “up-stream” processes such as Sourcing and Procuring. It is our mission to continuously optimize our solution, and your efficiency, to deliver the highest possible productivity; now and in the future.

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